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Care by our Rhomberg Fur Company staff for your beautiful fur is essential. It will help extend the wear of your amazing fur or shearing garment.

Mend any small tears immediately, often times delaying a repair can lead to an expensive replacement of pelts.

Your furs, leathers, shearlings and fine outerwear will provide you years of enjoyable wear when they are professionally conditioned, cleaned, and stored annually. Each spring protect your garments by storing them in the Rhomberg Fur Company‘s temperature and humidity-controlled vaults. It is important to keep your garments away from heat, normal home humidity, and moths.

Hang your fur on the Rhomberg Fur Company’s contour hanger provided at the time of your purchase. The weight of the fur will be evenly distributed on that hanger which will prevent straining at the shoulder seams.

Do not hang or store your fur or shearling in any plastic or cloth bag. This will result in a crushing of the fur or shearling. If your fur should happen to get wet, shake it gently to remove excess moisture and hang it in a cool, dry place to completely dry. If it becomes entirely soaked, please bring it to Rhomberg Fur Company as soon as possible.

Never place any chemicals or moth prevention on or near your fur. This can harm your garment Be careful not to carry shoulder bags on your shoulder when wearing your fur as the friction can break guard hairs. Be alert of the type of jewelry you wear on your wrists or neck as these can also cause unnecessary wear to the cuff and collar areas of your fur. Always feel free to call us with any questions regarding the care of your garment.


Every spring it is important that you store and service your valuable furs, leathers, shearlings, and wools in the temperature and humidity controlled environments at Rhomberg Fur Company.

According to the Fur Information Council of America, professional storage during the summer months is crucial to maximizing the longevity of your fur.

Keeping your garments at home during the summer could be a very costly mistake. Both standard and cedar closets are not suitable for for storage unless they are equipped with proper air circulation and are kept at a constant 50 degrees and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Caution! The smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur, leathers, and wool, creating lasting unpleasant odors.

Our state of the art, secure, modern, climate and humidity controlled vaults are ready for your valuable garments. Prevent unnecessary deterioration by storing and conditioning your garments with us every spring. Protect your valuables from damage and heat, insects, or high humidity.

Rhomberg Fur Company storage vaults are located on the premises. No matter where you purchased your garment,Rhomberg Fur Company welcomes them into our vaults! Storage pick-up and delivery service is available in most areas. Call the Rhomberg Fur Company store or check for details online.


Rhomberg Fur Company offers expert conditioning and cleaning services for furs, leathers, shearlings, wool coats, fur trimmed coats and most specialty outerwear.

After a harsh winter, solvents, salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from your valuables. With normal wear, body oils will accumulate on your garment and should be removed.

Our processes will help preserve them, extending their life span and assuring you years of enjoyment. Bring your garment in for a free inspection today! We will gladly service items you have purchased elsewhere.

It is extremely important to condition your fur garments, using our uniquely developed processes which includes:

  • Expert inspection and fur cleaning
  • Proper removing of stains from linings
  • Cleaning and replacement of essential oils
  • Lustrous glazing of your garment
  • Critical final pre-delivery inspection

We look forward to providing superior service. Bring your garments for a free examination today!


Everything old is new again after the magic touch of the Rhomberg’s skilled staff!

We can shear a long-hair fur like a mink or long hair beaver & create a lighter weight, silky look & feel. Rhomberg Fur Company can take that fur & knit it into a beautiful woven garment. Making your fur into a reversible garment with fabric adds versatility to your outerwear options. We can restyle your dated fur into an impeccably tailored fur lined outerwear jacket, stroller or coat. We can even turn your fur into a contemporary vest, pillows or a family set of fur teddy bears.Let our skilled staff create magic by transforming your older fur into a new custom creation you will enjoy for many years. Rhomberg Fur Company can do an extreme makeover on your older fur. Perhaps you no longer love that fur you bought ten or twenty years ago. We can adjust or rework it into a more comfortable fur or a totally new style. Lowering or raising the armhole or perhaps softening the shoulder can make a world of difference and an updated look and feel for your fur.

A hidden treasure may be in your closet. Allow our furriers to custom design a special new look, created just for you. Ask us about our complimentary, no obligation restyling clinics.


Our team of master furriers and professional finishers will mend any fur, leather, and cloth damage from the smallest tear to replacement of complete sections, assuring that your valuable garment is handled with the care and respect equal to our own.

The smallest tear can lead to the costly replacement of a complete pelt or section if not attended to properly. A minor tuck or shortening can remove minor wear from cuffs, pockets and hemlines. Be sure to have your fur thoroughly inspected and maintained annually in the spring.

A small seam opening in your lining may lead to a tear, and the need for complete lining replacement. If you have a loose hook or ring closures, attend to them in a timely matter. By securing the closures you eliminate undue stress on the fur, often times leading to the tearing of pelts.

Our experts will be happy to inspect your furs and give you a free estimate if any repairs are required.


You have made an investment in a stunning fur, shearling or leather garment. Please make sure it is properly protected and covered on your insurance. We hope the unthinkable never happens but if your garment is lost or damaged you must have an updated appraisal.
Rhomberg Fur Company advises that you receive an updated appraisal for replacement value every three years. Please check with your insurance company to determine if an updated appraisal is needed more often.

For a nominal charge we will thoroughly inspect, prepare and issue a formal written appraisal for your insurance, resale or estate purposes. Visit us today and get your updated appraisal even if you purchased your fur elsewhere.

We can also provide a digital photo of your garment for additional identification purposes.

You might also consider getting a monogram in your garment for added identification purposes.